Sampmax Construction

Over 16 Years Focus on Construction Technology and Building Materials Development

Who We Are

Sampmax Construction started the building materials supply chain since 2004. From beginning, we established for the maintenance of quality building materials such as Formwork Plywood, Adjustable Steel Prop, Formwork Beam, Scaffolding System, Scaffolding Plank, Scaffolding Tower, etc. After 16 years technology precipitation we became a leading construction materials solutions provider and committed to provide Formwork Solutions, Scaffolding Solutions, Automatic Climbing Solution and enrich product lines to fittings and fasteners such as Scaffolding Steel Pipes, Steel Scaffolding Staircase, Scaffolding Coupler, Scaffolding Screw Base Jack/Base Plate, Swivel Castor Wheel, Aluminum Ladder, Aluminum Scaffolding Tower, Scaffolding Self-Closing Safety Gate and Formwork Tie System. In 2020, we even started a factory produce the Storage Cold Room. Currently we are providing more completed solutions and building materials for the customers from all over the world.

Sampmax factory

What We Do

With the insistence for quality and environment standard of EN-13986:2004, ISO9001, ISO14001, EN74, BS1139. Sampmax Construction building materials standard to Carb Phase 2. Last 16 years, we have built up some very good business partnership with our overseas customers, such as USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, Germany, Saudi Arabia, etc.
Sampmax Contruction already accumulated lot of experiences in manufacturing, quality maintenance, exporting, oversea supply chain service fields, the reputation of our company are from our raw materials inspections, process quality control, affordable price, and the excellent delivery.

Under the pandemic of Covid-19 all over the world, we are proud that we have good control and survive by return to factories and keep ongoing supply good materials like Ringlock Scaffolding, Aluminium Walk Board, Aluminium Beam, Scaffolding Steel Beam, Scaffolding Coupler, Steel Scaffolding Ladder, Aluminium Scaffolding Ladder, Scaffolding Pipe, Scaffolding Base Jack, Scaffolding Accessories, from 2020, we also start a new factory manufacture the Freezer Warehouse, a OEM solution to the segment market like food freezer warehouse and fruit freezer warehouse.


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